Gustav Sahlsten is the new Snowcross Super League Champion!!!

Photo: Petri Kurkinen

Gustav Sahlsten is the new Snowcross Super League Champion!!!

Season Two of Super League kicked off early February in Boden, Sweden. The second and third rounds were held this weekend with more than 150 racers in OuluZone, Finland.

Gustav Sahlsten dominated throughout the season, starting with his Dominator win in Boden and then proceeded to win every heat and final. He won the championship by 70 points over the runnerup.  Albin Lundqvist took the 5th and 2nd places in the weekend’s finals and secured the season’s silver in the championship fight. Axel Johansson took the season’s bronze medal and Martin Johansson finished fourth in the series, just three points behind Johansson. Norway’s Robert Lunden raced to a bronze on Saturday, but finished in last place during Sunday’s final. In the series points, the Norwegian took fifth place, only one point behind Johansson. Miika Lammi finished sixth in the season’s total points as the best Finn. Aleksi Juntunen drove strongly all weekend and got on the podium both days. Saturday’s second place and Sunday’s third place put Juntunen in seventh place in the overall points of the series

The new Super League champion, 21-year-old Gustav Sahlsten started the season at ISOC series in the USA before coming back to the European Snowcross. Sahlsten already secured his championship after Saturday’s final, so he was able to just enjoy the sunday’s race; “I started the season at the ISOC series, where I gained more confidence. I have enough speed, so now I just focus on enjoying racing and having fun. Super League is a great format where European snowcross is done in a completely new way. I enjoy driving these hard level races with really good tracks. Even though I’ve won all the heats,  I had to give it my all in every round. It feels really great to win the Super League championship”, says Sahlsten visibly happy about his first Super League championship title. Sahlsten is not yet revealing anything about next season; “Of course I  dream about driving as a professional in the ISOC series, but if I stay in European snowcross, I will defend the Super League championship next year.”

Hilda Öhman took the women’s class championship. Öhman won all the finals of the season and took the championship with a difference of 47 points to the second runner-up of the season, Wilma Jonsson. Thea Arnesson took the bronze medal in the season’s points.

Pontus Lundström took the Lites championship with a 20-point difference to Anton Lindström and a 27-point difference to Linus Åberg. Joel Nordholm finished fourth and best norwegian, Jan Even Romsdal fifth. The best Finn was Myrsky Rissanen in seventh place.

Team Challenge winner was Kjell1n motorsports.

Winners from the junior  classes are Onni Niskala, Peetu Joutsen, Emil Isokääntä, Valter Laine and Topi Järvenpää.

Sport class Championship went to Jesse Laurila.

The Super League keeps growing

Snowcross Super League will continue next season, bigger than ever. There will be qualifications for the series and races will take place at least in three different countries. Mikael Nilsson, the promoter of the series, is excited about the future of Super League; “We are doing something great with snowcross. Super League has a large group of enthusiastic and professional officials and it feels like we are one big snowcross family. For the first time, we are doing a Nordic and all-European series together, which brings together drivers and everyone in the industry. I can’t wait to see what we get to experience in the Super League.”

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