Gustav Sahlsten takes the Super League win in Ouneva Snowcross OuluZone!

Super League Pro class TOP3. Picture: Kati Toroi / @sportvibesphotography

SuperLeague continued today in OuluZone. In the Pro class, Gustav Sahlsten continued where he left off in Boden and took all the wins in the day’s races. Sahlsten took the Hole-shot in the final and held the lead until the end of the set. There was a tight battle for the other positions in the final, when Lunden, Juntunen and Lammi fought for the medal positions right up to the checker flag. Three different nationalities were seen on the podium today; First position to Sweden, silver to Aleksi Juntunen, Finland and bronze to Robert Lunden, Norway.


Before tomorrow´s final race, Sahlsten leads the series with 105 points. Battle for the other medals is tight, when the next eight rankings are within 21 points. Robert Lunden is second in points with 52 points, Albin Lundqvist is third with 51 points and Martin Johansson fourth with 49 points. The best Finn in points is Miika Lammi in sixth place with 39 points.


Ladies class was dominated by Hilda Öhman. Öhman wan all heats today.  Wilma Jonsson finished second and Elina Palojärvi third.

Öhman leads the series with a difference of 42 points from Wilma Jonsson. Davina Backteman is third in points. The best Finn in points is Saga Forsell in 5th place.


Myrsky Rissanen took the hole-shot on the Lite class final and battled with Jan Even Romsdal and Linus Åberg for top positions. Romsdal wan the final just ahead of Rissanen and Åberg.

Pontus Lundström holds the top spot in the season’s total points with 81 points. Second in points is Anton Lindström, just one point behind Lundström. Linus Åberg is third, 11 points behind Lindström. Myrsky Rissanen is the best Finn in seventh place in points.


Sport class winner was Tatu Kukkonen. Nico Niskanen was second and Pasi Tornberg third.

The season’s points leader is Jesse Laurila with a 13-point difference to Tero Tornberg. Tatu Kukkonen is third in the points, four points behind Tornberg.

JR. 14-16

At Junior 14-16 class, Topi Rinne took the victory. Onni Niskala was second and Sixten Johansson took the third place.

Onni Niskala leads the season in points with a 15-point difference to Rinne. Gustav Vesterlund is third in the points, 22 points away from Niskala. Emil Herten is fourth in the points, just two points away from the third place.

JR. 13-14

Junior 13-14 winner was Oliver Bröyt. Valtteri Kotala took silver ahead of Peetu Joutsen and Niklas Pokka.

Peetu Joutsen leads the series in points before the last race, ten points ahead of Niklas Isokääntä. Valtteri Kotala is third in the points, four points behind Isokääntä. Oliver Bröyt is fourth, four points away from bronze.

JR. 11-12

Junior 11-12 class winner was Emil Isokääntä. Timi Töhönen finished second,  Pieti Lehikoinen third and Huugo Seikkula fourth. Isokääntä is leading the serie’s points with a five-point difference ahead of Lehikoinen. Olav Mathias Samuelsson is third in the series, 11 points from the Isokääntä. Huugo Seikkula is in fourth place in the series, just one point away from Samuelsson. Töhönen is sixth in the points.

JR. 9-11

In the junior 9-11 class Valter Laine took the day´s victory. The runner-up of the day was Mikael Meskus before Eino Kiviniemi.

JR. 7-9

Junior 7-9 winner is Jami Taali. Aarni Pöntinen took the second place and Topi Järvenpää was third.

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