• Registration for OuluZone ends on 19 March 2023 at 23:30 Finnish time.
    • Registration takes place at You will find a blue button on the right side of the screen.
    • List of registered drivers:
  • REMEMBER THIS! All communication regarding to registration, driver info updates, participation cancellations and other similar matters must be sent by email to

  • Contact persons / numbers:

    • Race director: Henrik Mases +46 73 502 31 72
    • 2nd Race director: Ville Schroderus +358 50 3376703
    • 3rd Race director: Håkan Råberg +46 70 275 88 44
    • Race secretary: Mari Schroderus +358 44 3563080
    • Premium pit area inquiries: Nuppu Böhmig +358 44 9880781
    • Season TWO Prize giving on Sunday 26.3.2023 according Schedule.
    • Every driver in all Junior classes will get Prize!

OuluZone Schedule


Season TWO season info in YouTube:

  • REMEMBER THIS! All communication related to competition activities, registration, driver info updates, participation cancellations and other similar matters must be sent by email to

  • In the season 2023, the Snowcross Super League will have three races.

  • RACE ONE Boden, Boden Energi Arena,  3.-4.2.2023

  • RACE TWO Oulu, Oulu Zone, 25.3.2023

    • 25.3. Saturday: All classes
  • RACE THREE Oulu, Oulu Zone, 26.3.2023

    • 26.3. Sunday: All classes
  • Classes driving of Super League seasonal points:

    • Pro, Ladies, Lite, Sport, Jr. 11-12, Jr. 13-14, Jr. 14-16
    • 200cc are involved in all races. 200cc seasonal points are given only from races in Oulu.
    • There is no separate class for Legends (+50 years old). Legends drivers can participate to Sport class.
  • Maximum number of drivers per class

    • Pro: 20 drivers
    • Lite: 30 drivers
    • Ladies, Sport & Juniors: 24 drivers
    • Guldhjälm 200cc (only in Boden): 20 drivers
    • Jr. 7-9 (only in Oulu): 20 drivers
    • Jr. 9-11 (only in Oulu): 20 drivers

    • The official information channel on race day will be via Telegram app.
    • This channel is also used to share general information and reminders regarding the series before the season starts and also between races.
    • Read always the competition-specific additional regulations. Additional regulations will be published on this page two weeks before the competition weekends.



  • Buy the whole season package and secure your place in the competitions.


    • Three races registration fees + driver graphics with 5 sponsor logos
    • Lite, Ladies, Pro: 460 €
    • Sport, Juniors: 340 €

    • Three races registration fees
    • Lite, Ladies, Pro: 360 €
    • Sport, Juniors: 240 €
  • If you don’t buy SEASON PACKAGE, then entry fees per race are: 

    • Lite, Ladies, Pro: 150 €
    • Sport, Juniors: 100 €
    • 200cc: 50 €
    • Driver graphics separately bought: 150 €
    1. *If you get injured during the season and cannot participate in all races, you will be refunded 90% of the participation fee part for each unridden race.
    2. *If you purchase Seasonal package with driver graphics, we will deliver nameplate in *.png -fileformat to email address you use in registration. You can use that picture as layer example for your own social media usage.


  •  Lite, Pro are both using Pro -class technical rules.

  • Snowcross Super League reserves the right to classify drivers into Pro and Lite categories in the Super League series.

    1. Do your race registration to that class you normally drive in local championship series.
    2. If there will be more than 20 registrations to Pro -class, we will classify drivers into Pro and Lite categories by results from last year.
      1. Primary we look results from Super League
      2. Secondary we look results from local championship series
    3. If there will be more than 30 registrations to Lite -class, we will classify drivers into Lite and Sport categories by results from last year.
      1. Primary we look results from Super League
      2. Secondary we look results from local championship series
    4. If driver is not happy to classification given from organizer, it is possible to cancel participation and get refund of entry fee.

    1. After the 2023 season, drivers ranked 16-20 in the Pro class are in danger to drop to Lite class.
    2. After the 2023 season, winner of Lite class automatically gain a place to Pro class.
    3. After the 2023 season, drivers ranked 2-4 in the Lite class have the opportunity to move up to the pro class through a qualifying competition.
    4. The Super League will organize a qualifying competition for the 2024 season before the start of the competition season. The best 4 drivers of the qualifying competition will drive in the Pro class and the rest of the drivers will drive in Lite.
      1. Participation in the qualifying competition is also open to drivers who have not driven in the Super League in the 2023 season. After the 2023 season, the only way to get into the Pro class is a qualifying competition.
      2. If there are more than 30 drivers in the Lite class in the 2023 season and/or more than 30 drivers register in advance for the Lite class in the fall of 2023, a Qualifying Competition will also be organized in the Lite class for season 2024.
    1. Super League points are given from qualifying, dominator, rounds & Finals
    2. Super Lane must be driven in heats and finals
    3. TOP 3 after finals straight to the prize ceremony area. (friday dominator & saturday final)



    • Team coloring & Team logo on the driver info
    • Team logo on the broadcasting graphics (start and result list, scoreboard graphics)
    • Teams over three drives will get reserved spot on the pit-area
    • Price for the Team Package is 250 € per driver (includes VAT).
    • Orders:
    • Team Package can also be purchased for only one driver. Less than three driver teams will not be participate at the Team Challenge, but will be given all the other content of the Team Package

    Team Challenge is a championship between teams that have entered the League.

    • Team must announce drivers at least from two different categories
      • Category 1: Junior classes (exept 200cc)
      • Category 2: Sport / Ladies
      • Category 3: Pro / Lite
    • There must be at least three (3) and maximum of ten (10) drivers
    • Teams must announce team drivers for the Team Challenge one week before first race. Drivers cannot be changed afterwards.
    • All the points the drivers are given will be summarized together for the team.
    • Teams points from the season will divided between the amount of the drivers that have been participated in the races, taking in to account the individual races possible missed.
    • Smallest individual divider is always three (3). In case there is only two drivers that participate in a race, their points will be divided by the amount of three drivers.
    • Team can appoint a backup driver, who can participate the race if one of the originally announced drivers is injured.